An unknown man who lost his job and been drained from debt has decided to take revenge on the bank that took his house and his remaining money. He left a message on the Internet that he planted a bomb near the bank, which is in one of 10 famous cities without giving further details.
You are a SWAT team from the anti-terrorism unit. You have been assigned for this mission to find out which city the mentally disturbed man is going to destroy, and deactivate the bomb before it is too late.

But to do so, you will have to go to all those famous cities to search for clues that will lead you to the targeted city!
Will you be able to accomplish your mission and save that city?
  No. of players:
2-6 Players
  Difficulty Level:       
  Room Decoration:      
60 Minutes
  Minimal Age:
10+ years accompanied by adults, 14+ without them
This game is a movable game and consists of 10 boxes, each represents a city. A movable game means we can deliver it to you to any place or you can simply play it in our shop.