You are about to graduate from high school and you need some money to save up for college. You take on a babysitting job for the newly moved family down the lane. Everything went fine for the first month until that Friday the 13th night when you were asked to go babysit their girl. When you reach the house you enter into a complete chilly darkness. You try to escape but all doors were locked. You send a text message to your friends asking for help. When they come you all become trapped in this cursed house.

You realize that there are dark secrets in there that you must unravel before you can make your escape.

Will you be able to solve the mystery of the little girl and run for your life?
  No. of players:
2-6 Players
  Difficulty Level::      
  Room Decoration:     
60 Minutes
  Minimal Age:
10+ years accompanied by adults, 14+ without them